Active Citizens for Responsible Environmentalism

The Problem

I am working on a project here in Ohio to save the Big Darby Creek from potential pollution generated by a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) and this has opened my eyes to the importance of stewardship towards the land. I want to move into a career that allows me to serve the environment and find a way to provide for safe, clean food and energy while protecting our water and air. We have built a website that supports what we are doing. You can find it at

Plan of Action

One important aspect of savings the Big Darby was the need for large sums of money to fight the CAFO. My parents and their friends were in charge of the fundraiser this spring to raise funds used to fight the CAFO farm. I had several roles in the fundraiser. I brougth together a group of teens to help in the efforts. We assisted in organizing all of the silent auction items as we collected them and then as we set them up during the event. I coordinated the t-shirt design and ordering with the vendor we used. I printed out food and activity tickets and collected all of the supplies for the event. I helped to set up the facility the day of the event. I organized the teens in selling tickets at the main entrance. Over 500 people attended the event. Once the event was over I counted all of the proceeds and totaled up the checks for deposit. We raised over $16,000 from the event. This money will be used to fight the farm.

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