Adult Soccer League

Official Project

The Problem

Myself along with two friends, Tony Cuthbertson and John Pigg, started a soccer league for adults (people over the age of 18). Inquiry for the league started when after we graduated high school and it came to our attention that we had no where to play soccer, outside of pick-up games. We set up the league to have three seasons; Spring, Summer, and Fall. There are six regular season games and a single elimination tournament the seventh weekend. Teams currently pay $350 to enter and are allowed up to 15 people on a roster with one guest player each game. The money goes towards only operating expenses such as refs, paint for the field, field care, insurance, league prizes, and a few other minor expenses. Myself along with my colleagues have received no money personally from running the league unless we ref. a game. The WVASA is recognized by the state as a non-for-profit organization. We are currently have an intern working on getting the IRS to recognize us as a non-for-profit organization. The team that wins the league receives $450 cash and League Champion t-shirts. Last Spring we had eight teams, 120 players, in the league. This upcoming season we expect more with ten teams already registered and a many more showing interest. Future goals, short term as well as long term include; purchasing land and buying fields for the organization, having a separate men and womens league, and started a much needed soccer team at Indiana State University.

Plan of Action

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