Afro Latino Inclusion Project

The Problem

I am helping to bridge the gap between Afro Latinos and majority latinos in South America by providing scholarships, access to internet and writing to English speaking pen pals abroad to help improve English writing ability.

Plan of Action

What was just a study abroad trip developed into a life long international rights projects. I applied to different scholarships that will allow me to carry out projects geared towards Afro Latino inclusion. My home institution, Morehouse College, help to achieve the project in Oaxaca and Cochabamba, Bolivia. A Fulbright grant is helping me to continue to achieve the aim of this project. I along with others have impacted thousands of Latinos everywhere. And by joining forces with the Democracy Center in Bolivia, the impact has multiplied as we have helped train Bolivians in public advocacy in an effort to multiply our efforts and involve interested Bolivians. To date while I was vice president of the Morehouse Spanish club have given out 3 scholarships to Afro Mexicans.

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