Aid for Hunger and Homelessness

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The Problem

For over 5 years since I have moved to my new home here in Douglassville, I have participated in a Soup Kitchen in Reading, PA. My local church told me about it one day, and I decided to go along with some fellow parishoners. It was a totally new, yet fun time. In the city, there were many people who you would probably pass by on the streets who came in to sit down for a meal. Some of these people had no homes, no jobs, and some even came in with their families. By serving these poor people, it felt really wonderful to be able to give them a place to be where they could eat and relax for a while. I even talked with some of them! After doing that for the first time, I really wanted to go back. Our neighbor, who also goes to our church, also helped us out. She volunteers to take me there whenever the church can go, and we always prepare lots of goodies and other foods to serve to the people. It is a great experience for me to help out, and I love it.

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