Aiding Local Farm Workers

The Problem

   Late in January we had a devastating freeze that destroyed 86 million dollars of Riverside County crops.  This left about 10,000 farm workers out of work here in our Coachella Valley.  Our valley agencies(food banks, mostly) that serve these farm workers did not receive any state or federal aid.  That is when we came up with ideas to raise money and collect non-perishable items for our local farm workers.  From Feb. 19, 2007 - March 9, 2007 we :            1. collected cans    2. Had a change jar for donations   3. Held a popcorn and movie day- admissioon was a can of food, or  $1.00    We were able to collect several boxes of food through these activities.  Since the original announcement, our valley businesses and citizens have stepped in to support our farm workers and it was a privilege to be a part of that movement!

Plan of Action

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