Alabama Action

The Problem

At an elementary school in close proximity to the University of Alabama, the front playground -- though large and full of potential -- is relatively neglected in terms of maintenance and use. The incomplete fence exposes the playground, the sparse mulch and clogged storm drain permit flooding, and the peeling paint is not yet inviting. Though these students have incredibly giving teachers and faculty, the financial and labor resources necessary to beautify the school are limited.

Plan of Action

In the spirit of investing in the community, the Alabama Action team is planning to beautify the front playground of this local elementary school during the second week in August. We hope to make the playground as functional and polished as possible for the children of the school to encourage outdoor play and community among the classes. Elements of the project include repainting the structures, planting flower beds, building benches, emptying the storm drain, completing the fencing around the area, and mulching. Our project implementation planning has already begun by establishing a partnership with the elementary school staff, recruiting a group of 15 college volunteers from a larger group of 150 volunteers, and establishing a budget and supply list including stained wood, spray paint, a variety of flowers, copious amounts of mulch, shovels, and hammers. Our main concern is to secure funding. Though we hope the children will enjoy their new recess facility at the front of their school and be encouraged to be active, our underlying goal is to extend the gesture that we are united in an educational community. By beautifying a local school, we aim to convey our compassion for the town and for the potential of these young students to reach their goals. We hope to transcend the boundaries of the college and the community to cultivate inspiring, cross-generational relationships characterized by setting a positive example in helping others through service.

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