Alex's Lemonade Stand New Hope Fund Raiser

The Problem

The project I have been apart of since it was first created as a senior project in my high school has been sponsoring Alex's Lemonade Stand in New Hope, PA. We have raised thousands of dollars just by selling lemonade and having live shows from bands playing for free. Besides being a part of the SPCA, many service and community opportunities, and recycling, discovering cures for childhood cancer is something I believe in. Being a biology major the reality of cancer is a terrible thing. I am in full support of Alex's Lemonade Stand and that is why I helped put together a fund raiser in New Hope PA that happens yearly.

Plan of Action

I have made the fund raiser to sell lemonade combined with food and live shows by free preformers looking to contribute to the cause an ongoing project. Every year in the summer people come to this event to show that they care for the fighting of childhood cancer with one cup at a time of lemonade, a program that I helped start and volunteered at through our student government.

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