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The Problem

I joined Americorps*NCCC in hopes of making a difference in my world, and especially my country after I had just graduated High School and wanted to spend my time contributing to the community through working with Habitat for Humanity. During this project I helped build 2 duplex homes -Wasco, and Borthwick - for families that were on the brink of/or were homeless. One home, for example, is going to belong to a 11 person family and the other home is going to a single mother, her 2 kids and a nephew. I spent my time doing a variety of construction work as far as: digging post holes for the porch, installing hurricane supports, using a variety of saws, roofing, removing nails, installing rat runs…the list goes on. It was hard, but I enjoyed my time through harsh weather conditions like sleat while I was on the roof, to rainfall while the state I was in was under a state of emergency due to the weather conditions.I felt a sense of accomplishment after I saw the faces of the family members as they saw their new home. Seeing the children that I know now, that have a home. I felt as if I was part of their family as they shook my hand and thanked me, while tears welled in their eyes. That was the moment that helped me to realize that the fact that I was living in a 3-bedroom home, 1 1/2 bathrooms with 12 other people, was worth it just to see the difference I had made. That was why I was there. Through this project, I have come to realize that nothing compares to being a part in someone's dream. And I was truly thankful that I could help make that dream come true.

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