Amigos de las Americas

Official Project

The Problem

During my summer of 2007, I spent six weeks in Costa Rica. I stayed in a community called La Esperanza for six weeks and completed several projects. The main project that I completed was painting a health clinic. I also helped with constructing two additional rooms that was going to be added on to the building. The second project that was completed was a vegetable garden. The vegetable garden was used by the school and the vegetables would be for the kids' lunch. Another project that was completed was putting trashcans around the town. People had thrown their trash anywhere on the ground. When the trashcans were put in the community, people began throwing trash in the bins. During the six weeks, I also taught english classes. The children living in La Esperanza knew very little english and it was great teaching them english because they were very interested in it.

Plan of Action

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