Archangel Ancient Tree Archive; Reforesting the Earth with Champions

The Problem

To raise awareness about how reforesting the Earth with 'Champions' will help reverse the effects of climate change. We exist in the World just as the World exists in us. People around the world need to take action upon the impending danger of climate change.

Plan of Action

Raising awareness of the effects of climate change and the possible solutions to reversing and surviving these effects will help increase the fundraising needed to keep the project active. Reversing the effects of human induced changes in climate can be managed and reduced through cloning and reforesting the Earth with old-growth “Champion” trees. An event called “Down to Earth Week” will be held at Northern Michigan University. “Down to Earth Week” will consist of a series of events to raise awareness regarding the environment and different perspectives concerning some environmental issues. On Wednesday at 6pm in the University Center, David Milarch will be speaking about his lifelong commitment and journey to help save the Planet. Support our efforts by raising awareness of climate change and attending the public event about archiving “Champion” trees. Get a personally signed copy by the subject of the book, Archangel co-founder David Milarch.

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