The Arts Empowerment Project

The Problem

During economic crises and budget cuts, the first monetary funding to be cut in public school systems is arts education. There are many overlooked positives in presenting youth with the freedom of expression through the arts. The performing and fine arts serve as a creative outlet for students and provide a common place for self-expression across cultural and socio-economic borders. The arts stimulate academic discipline, keep students active in positive activities, and push them to further explore their imaginations.

Plan of Action

To provide an alternative to those whose programs have been cut or were never there to begin with, The Arts Empowerment Project offers free arts workshops and summer camps in singing, acting, dancing, and visual arts to children ages 5-12 and allows them to produce and perform in their own showcases. Arts empowerment workshops, which use arts lessons as a tool for underprivileged students to confidently reach their highest potential and challenge them outside of their comfort zones, have also taken place in YMCAS, Boys & Girls Clubs, elementary & middle schools, Girl Scout Outreach Programs, churches, and children's hospitals. The Arts Empowerment Project also hosts an annual "Stuff a Backpack Drive," which donates thousands of school supplies to local community centers in need of school supplies.

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