Asha Arizona Kids Chapter

The Problem

To help underprivileged kids in India get education, clean water and food, I founded an organization called the Asha-AZ kids chapter in 2004. We are 15 kids in our organization and we organize annual walk-a-thons in Arizona to raise money for food and clean water for underprivileged children in India. The walkathons are held around Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. A person dressed as Gandhi leads the walk and Gandhi quotes are placed all along the 5K walk for people to reflect on as they walk. We raised $5,978 to help 3,150 kids from 10 surrounding villages get clean water. We have also funded the mid-day meal program at the school to feed 450 kids for past 3 years. This is probably the only meal that these kids get in an entire day.

Plan of Action

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