ASYMETRIC: A Successful Youth, through Mentoring and Tutoring Refugees In our City

The Problem

This program tutors and mentors refugee youth in Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood. The students are mainly Somali Bantu with a few Sudanese students. The Somali Bantu have been historically oppressed in their home nation of Somalia and when civil war broke out in 1991 they fled their home to seek refuge in Kenyan refugee camps. Years later, the United States allowed the Somali Bantu to be classified as "refugees" and to make the United States their new home. The families that came have to learn not only English, but how to use everything that we take for granted in growing up here like toilets, ovens and electric lights. The program serves over 35 students each week in English literacy, and math skills as well as homework help and games! The volunteer tutors are mostly students of local Universities and was created by a student at Pacific Lutheran University. The program is generously hosted by two Tacoma local organizations. ASYMETRIC strives to build a stronger community and youth by empowering and encouraging refugee youth in our city. Education is the key to success and without outside resources, these English Languages Learners are set-up to fail.

Plan of Action

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