AVMalformation Fighters

The Problem

Finding reliable information that is comprehensible about a very rare vascular malformation called Arteriovenous Malformation is fairly difficult, and patients and their loved ones must go through quite a load of trouble in order to find information they need to make educated decisions about their fate with this very often life threatening disorder.

Plan of Action

Building and managing a comprehensive link directory to information resources from all around the internet about Arteriovenous Malformation and related illnesses for patients and their families and friends, as well as information within the main site with "easy to comprehend" basic information about the disorder and a place for survivors and fighters to share their stories and encourage each other along while fighting against this life changing illness that very often requires invasive surgery or intensive and uncontrollable bleeding. I hope to develop it into a larger network where patients can also have the opportunity to interact with each other. Right now, the prototype of unfunded and one-man product is located at http://AVMalformation.Org, and I am looking for ways to fund the advertisement and server costs and such that are required to maintain and expand the site.

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