Girl Scouts for Disaster Relief- Hurricane in Haiti

Official Project

The Problem

We are trying to help the Earth from natural disasters. Also we are trying to help people who were unfortunately physically,and mentally damaged by the sudden,unexpected tantrum of Mother Nature.

Plan of Action

To fund raise in many different ways.

Project Updates

Our bake sale rob field in Ocean Beach, went very well. Thank You for your help:-) Will let you in our next fundraiser soon:-) Peace, Love Girl Scouts!

Sydney Calhoun,Maddy Ruffo, Caroline Horn, Katelyn Zito,and Nicole Waniewski are 5 Cadet Girl Scouts trying to achieve there Girl Scout Bronze Award. We are focusing on the topic of Natural Disaster Relief. My fellow Cadets and I are starting to raise money by having a bake sale soon. We will update you on when, where,and what time.


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