Barefoot Barbeque


The Problem

We are trying to spread awareness about shoeless children in countries such as Argentina and South Africa. This event will help to promote our TOMS Style Your Sole event, and will also promote One Day Without Shoes.

Plan of Action

By going barefoot on April 8th and holding a Barefoot Barbeque on one of the busiest streets in Bakersfield, we hope to make a statement and help others see how hard it can be to have to go without shoes. Shoes are taken for granted to those who are fortunate. Hopefully our events will open people's eyes to the bigger problem of developing countries, and maybe even push them to take action as well!

Project Updates

The Barefoot Barbeque was a success! All of the club members attended, as well as friends, and even some fresh faces! We ate hot dogs and snacks, and played a few games of beach volleyball. Then, we all went on a barefoot walk down one of the busiest streets in Bakersfield. The walk was painful, but we kept at it so we could get the message about TOMS out there!

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