Basic Needs Donations Sorting and Organizing

The Problem

The community the Basic Needs Program serves is, relative caregivers taking in abused children in their families. We focus on providing basic needed items to these families so that the abused children can be placed in a relatives home, in order to prevent them from being in group homes and foster homes. Of the 31,569 reported cases of child abuse and neglect, almost 3,000 children in Orange County are placed in foster care, according to Orangewood Children's Home.

Plan of Action

Although the Basic Needs Program receives a small amount of funding from the County of Orange, we rely primarily on donations and volunteers. The donations coordinator is in contact with local businesses, corporations, organizations, and individuals in the attempt to get the basic needed items donated such as furniture, baby items, and monetary donations. Volunteers are crucial in this process, by helping to sort and organize the donations so that we can be sure to have safe items in good condition for these families.

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