Battenfeld Scholarship Hall Recycling

The Problem

Battenfeld is one of 12 University of Kansas Scholarship Halls that provides housing for 48 undergraduate men. We currently recycle 9 different items on a weekly basis, but we would especially like to increase our output of recyclable office materials- items such as mixed paper, envelopes, pamphlets, brochures, and junk mail. The recycling of these materials is done exclusively on a voluntary basis, and hall resources make this a difficult task. Currently, there is only one designated recycle bin in the hall for Office materials, which are commonly thrown away in private trash cans kept in each person's room. This is a large amount of recyclable material that is not being reused.

Plan of Action

1. Propose taking the small private trash cans out of each hall member's room. 2. Buy multiple compartment recycle bins for aluminum cans and mixed paper, respectively, and use these to replace the waste bins. 3. Since over half of the materials thrown away in each person's room is either aluminum cans or office paper materials, this amount would be saved through recycling. The task of recycling would be made easier through by privatizing the recycle bins, while the process of getting rid of trash would be made more difficult by centralizing waste bins into public lounge areas. The project relies upon the principle described by Garrett Hardin in his essay "The Tragedy of the Commons" : mutural coercion, muturally agreed upon. 4. The decreased amount of trash thrown away on a weekly basis would decrease the pressure on local landfills, as well as help set an example for other Scholarship Halls to follow.

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