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The Strings Attached project
“Strings Attached project” (www.stringsattached.info) was created in 2009 and introduces St. Louis youth to music education, music mentoring, guitar studies, music notation reading skills and music history within the context of American Roots Music.
American Roots music is music that developed in the United States and includes styles such as bluegrass, blues, folk, country/western, gospel and jazz. These types of music are usually not well covered in school textbooks, discussed at any length in classrooms, or available to the community in public, family-oriented venues, yet the music is important to all Americans since it reflects our diversity as a society and our cultural history.
I've been playing music since I was six years old. As I see music education opportunities dwindle for youth, especially for youth with limited capital or in communities of color, I feel a responsibility as a musician to advocate and teach what I know to help.
I think it's important that American youth be introduced and learn to play our indigenous music Other cultures can benefit as well!
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