The Problem

Our community is overlooking a growing problem; ocean and air pollution. This crisis is spreading through out our neighborhood and no one is taking action to stop this. Due to the pollution, animals in the lakes and in the oceans are suffering but WE as a community can stop this. WE are the ones that caused this by littering trash, smoking, etc, and we can stop this crisis from evolving! This pollution and trash problem are harming animals and my partner and I want to stop this! In order to raise awareness about the current problems and to raise the necessary funds to help the environment and the marine animals, we created Be Blue.

Plan of Action

First, we want to raise awareness of the current problem. The problem is that the animals are dying because of the ocean and air pollution from all the trash that is being littered. In order to raise awareness, my partner and I want to make pamphlets and flyers to pass out in front of the local supermarkets in our community. We also want to set up a booth in front of the supermarkets with a jar so if the shoppers want to donate, they can. UC Davis is also having a centennial this October and there will be many booths participating. We would like to be one of those booths. The future is in the hands of this generation and we want to let them know the current problems occurring in their community. We would also have a jar there so the students and the Davis community can donate too. We hope that many people in our community would be willing to donate money in order to help clear up the pollution in the air and in the water through our project, Be Blue. We also want to participate in this goal by going to the lakes and the ocean to pick up trash that people have littered. We plan to create a website for curious and/or interested people so they can understand what Be Blue stands for and our mission in the community. We also want to visit elementary, junior high, and high schools to tell them about the pollution and the increase of trash at the lakes and the oceans. We also want to teach them a few things to prevent this from spreading in our community. We think that by telling students, mostly kids, about the problems, they will take more action and be more willing to participate in Be Blue.

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