"Be Somebody"

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

This program is a peer youth mentoring program for students aged 12 - 16, where students not only focus on enhancing their academic studies but learn to be successful in life through computer learning, travel and community service and leadership projects and activities. We have been responsible for helping a local early childhood education center seek and obtain funding to develop a new play area for their students aged 3 - 9 and are currently working on a project where we are helping them obtain funding for a youth playground for their students aged 10 - 13. We work with the Maryland Food Bank to offer meals to families in the community. We work with the local health department and a non-profit organization in community Tobacco Cessation awareness programs. We meet monthly at my house or at my grandmother's house to discuss ways of helping the community, especially the youth. My personal focus in on becoming a culinary chef, and one day owning my own restaurant but right now I am focused on my academics, encouraging others to do the same and helping those people who are less fortunate than myself.

Plan of Action

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