The Problem

[center][size=30]Welcome to [COLOR=gold]Be[/COLOR] [COLOR=#66CC33]The[/COLOR] [COLOR=#0099FF]Vow[/COLOR][/size][/center] The year 2002 had 57,029,000 recorded deaths. In the United States, 16,137 murders were committed. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include war. However, war creates poverty, displacement, disease, loss, devastation, along with countless other problems. Every life lost is only too real for those experiencing it. You can help. No one’s freedom should cost the freedoms of others. The Vow is simple: "I vow to never kill anyone." A Vow for People. A Vow for Peace. I won't. You won't. Be The Vow provides a place to express this belief in mass, thus creating another step toward peace. The group’s main focus is provided you with a place to share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Help fight the global killings that take place everyday. Be active in your voice and your views. Be The Vow is interested in your voice because it’s the most powerful one there is. Know where you stand and who you are. We want you to feel empowered and important. [center][size=20]Join and [COLOR=gold]Be[/COLOR] [COLOR=#66CC33]The[/COLOR][COLOR=#0099FF] Vow[/COLOR][/size][/center] Some Clarifications about Be The Vow: We are not a religious group. We welcome everyone and anyone. We only ask that you are against killing, nothing else. Be who you are. [center][COLOR=gold]"A Vow for People. [/COLOR][COLOR=#66CC33]A Vow for Peace."[/COLOR][/center]

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