"Beading" Barriers

The Problem

This project is a student commitment launched in partnership with She's the First. We are trying to send girls in a developing area of Uganda to school, so they can be the first in their families to graduate (helping to beat the cycle of poverty within their families and communities). Mentoring girls from underprivileged areas in the United States and teaching them how to fundraise in creative ways, the project was launched as a way to inspire and empower underprivileged youth in the United States and to help convince them that you don’t need a lot of money or resources to make an impact and give back on a global scale. The purpose of Beading Barriers is to convince these students in the U.S. that all you really need to make a difference is the will and motivation to think outside the box — and in our case, a whole lot of recycled magazines!

Plan of Action

Beading Barriers is a social initiative, aimed to educate & empower young women in the local Ann Arbor community. These young women will learn how to craft & sell beaded jewelry made from recycled magazine paper to raise money to sponsor a female student at the Arlington Academy of Hope in Uganda. Sponsored by She’s the First, this student will be the first in her family to graduate from secondary school. I have already conducted one workshop with girls in the United States, but I am now looking to secure funding to build the actual bracelets to then sell online. I will also be looking to expand my reach to work with other empowerment groups in the U.S., pending further resources to conduct workshops.

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