Beanies for Babies

Official Project

The Problem

This past spring and summer I completed the majority of my Girl Scout Gold Award. My mother suggested the idea, and I ran with it. It had come to our attention that many children all over the world who can't afford food or a place to stay, also are unable to afford a stuffed companion. I didn't think it was fair that any percentage of children weren't able to have a stuffed animal. With the Brooks Elementary Do Something Club, the collection ran smoothly. With the help of a group of fifth graders, we gathered close to fifteen hundred stuffed animals. Then I managed to snag some of my friends, and we transported all of the animals to my house where they were counted, sorted, and checked for obvious safety reason. After that, I was allowed to store this huge gathering of stuffed animals at Wheatland Salem United Methodist Church. I was in contact with the Missions head at WSUMC, and she gave me all the information about Wheatland Salem Missions that I needed. I attended a few packing nights, which ensured that my stuffed animals were being sent to kids in Haiti and Poland. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend either of these trips. The third trip was a Youth Missions to New Orleans. I was able to attend, and I brought with me the last of the stuffed animals. I'll never forget how happy those kids were - the kids who had lost everything to nature - about receiving a single stuffed animal.

Plan of Action

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