Beans For Books

The Problem

Today's college students hold the future of our world. Students are the dreamers, creators and designers of society that will change and direct the course of our standard of life. College textbooks cost a fortune. For many students purchasing textbooks, either new or used, is simply not possible. Most scholarships and grants do not cover this significant expense. Students are forced to either add this expense to personal debt (credit cards) or try to get by without books. The inability to buy textbooks has a direct impact on the quality of education a student receives while attending college.

Plan of Action

I founded Beans For Books in my junior year of high school with my savings from working since the age of 14 years old. The organization is now just over a year old and has awarded textbook grants to 31 students across the country for the Fall 2008 semester and Spring 2009 semester. We have raised awareness of the problem facing college students through media coverage on MarketWatch, Yahoo News, NBC News, National Public Radio, and various other media outlets.

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