The Problem

BEAUTY BEHIND BARS™ was created to prevent girls/women from permanent incarceration, while teaching forgiveness, accountability, and the importance of loving self from the inside out. In today's society, there are some girls and women who have lost hope. They feel society has written them off, or they cannot be successful, due to mistakes made. However, everyone deserves a second chance to make changes in life. BEAUTY BEHIND BARS™ builds self-esteem and instills hope, through helping women realize there is life after incarceration, by equipping them with essential physiological skills.

Plan of Action

To provide a second chance at life through turning ugly situations into beautiful destinations. BEAUTY BEHIND BARS™ provides a 6 week course that teaches: 1. The importance of forgiveness 2. How to love yourself from the inside out 3. Taking ownership of mistakes made 4. Teaching others in the community by being an example At the end of the 6 week course, participants receive a full make-over, and compete in an innovative pageant inside of jail/prison, in which all 4 skills learned are incorporated into their daily lives.

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