Beauty Pageant for Special Needs Girls

The Problem

I am an active member of my school's Youth Activation Committee (YAC), which is a mentor group for children/students with special needs. The goal of the group is to show the students a sense of normalcy, by bringing them to our lunch table, walking them to class, and doing fun activities. One of the things that I've noticed while working with these student is that they feel really down about themselves, lacking so much self confidence once they see "regular" students. One of the students that I mentor has big dreams of becoming a model and singer, but she feels it's impossible due to her disability. I want her as well as other girls just like her to know they can do and be anything they want and that they should never limit themselves of opportunities because of their disabilities.

Plan of Action

My plan to action is host a beauty pageant for special needs girls. By hosting this pageant I want these girls to realize that they are just as beautiful as the "cheerleader" or the "popular girls". I want them to experience the glitz and glamour of pageant life, by getting their make up done, walking the red carpet, taking hundreds of photos, etc. The main goal for this project is to boost confidence and show these girls that they are no different from the girls they see at school or on TV, and that they are beautiful in every single way.

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