Belive in Change Charity Buyout

The Problem

We had two main ideas: Help our community and around the world as well. We wanted to contribute what we could to help end the hundreds of people dieing in DC due to hunger. Along with that we had a couple of smaller charities we wanted to contribute to aswell: Cerebral palsy's, Pencils of promise (help give education to those in third world countries and toys for tots (it was holiday season)

Plan of Action

The Belive in Change Charity buyout is an idea my friends and I came up with because Justin was all about giving back. We thought it would could really make a huge difference in our community if we incorporated Justin Bieber in it somehow, because kids would WANT to get involved. We called it a "Buyout" because, people would come and buy all of Justin's CD's/books/merchandise and donate it. 20% of the sale from the merchandise would go to a 'feed the homeless foundation' located in DC. We planned two huge event (12,11,2011 and 11,5,2012) and decided to give away 6 tickets to his show to the people who donated. Soon it went social media crazy, we've had two of these events and both times had about 100+ girls show up. We donated about 2,000 pounds of non cherish-able items, 1,000+ toys for tots, 200-250 CD's and hundreds of dollars to various charity's. Scooter Braun, Justin's manager who discovered him came to one of these events, and thanked us for everything.

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