B.E.N.A.B (Because Everyone needs a book)

The Problem

The need for an affordable means to obtain required textbooks is clear among university and college students. Expensive textbooks obscure aspirations for the financially struggling college student and add to the already stressful experience of transitioning to the collegiate level. BENAB will be a member-based organization that offers a solution to the problem of pricey textbooks. BENAB will provide a system through which students are given the opportunity to rent the required books needed for their classes. This method is based off the approach used in high schools where students were given textbooks at the beginning of the year and returned the books at the end of the year. By using this technique we hope to reduce the over all cost of school supply expenses, simplify the process of locating required books, eliminate stress generally put on students when trying to locate the required readings, and therefore making the transition to a higher level of education easier. Through membership fees, various grants, and donations BENAB will collect and/or purchase required books for the coming semester. Members can then rent any required book BENAB has available for classes and at the end of the semester return them to the organization. The organization plans to expand thereafter to sophomores, Jr’s and seniors in the following 5 years. Eventually BENAB hopes to expand its services to other colleges and universities nation wide becoming an on-going national aid program.

Plan of Action

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