Berrien County Blanket Brigade

The Problem

Our goal is to provide every hospice patient of Berrien County in Michigan with a handmade fleece blanket made by children volunteers. In March 2013 the Key Club Regionals were held in Kalamazoo Michigan and invited us to join them with the intent of student volunteers making as many blankets as possible in two hours and donating them to the hospice facility Rose Arbor in Kalamazoo. We made 71 blankets in two hours and approximately 140 children volunteers participated.

Plan of Action

To meet once a month nine months out of the year and have children volunteers of all ages create no-tie fleece blankets for hospice patients. With the help of at thirty volunteers each month we can complete 30-50 blankets per month. Special opportunities such as the March event in Kalamazoo along with other upcoming extra events allow us to donate to other Michigan counties and to involve children in other counties.

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