Best Friend--Live, Love & Laugh

The Problem

I am trying to build awareness about health issues in our modern society. The sedentary lifestyle, the violence and lack of friendly activities outdoors and of course many other contributing factors, like financial and abuse, can affect their health. Children are so separated emotionally and physically from their parents, and parents and grandparents can understand so little about what we love to do these days. These create a generational gap and miscommunication that can lead to unhealthy living habits and violence, wrong peer pressure or attitude. I want to do something where old and young can be a part of. It seems such a generational gap in our lives that we leave out family members or loved ones in our activities. I want to see integration, active and healthy lifestyle that include all members of the community. Even your four legged best friends.

Plan of Action

I have done many blood donations but It can't seemed to get others involved. I find the passion to not just help my community, but also get everyone to do something to make a difference, whether it may be in their community or even just for themselves. I have helped in animal shelters and volunteer for runs that benefit societies for health related issues. My idea was doing a friendly-run/race with your "best-friend" whether it may be a dog or your grandmother. It can be times/non-timed and we have different winning categories. The whole idea is to find a fun yet active activity where everyone can come together and enjoy a healthy day. I saw this really cool MUDRUN that's always overbooked and popular event once a year and perhaps something like that too. My idea is fun event, active and getting young and old involved. Currently I volunteer closely with a doctor in the ER and have seen repeated patients who come in time and again, not only due to unhealthy drug-related issues, but also problems at home, violence on the street and unhealthy lifestyles, all combined.

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