BIG DOGS Recycle

The Problem

As a community, we are discarding too many water bottles which causes an environmental problem. The amount of plastics waste has increased from less than 1% 12% in a 40-year span according to the Environmental Protection Agency. From research, less than 20% of water bottles are being recycled. Water bottles presents air pollution concerns as it is disposed of with regular trash. If its burnt, it creates a toxic smoke and fumes that can attack the ozone layer. Reusing new plastic products from recycled materials uses two-thirds less energy than is required to make products from raw materials as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60-watt light bulb for up to six hours. In closing, we like to have a positive impact on our environment by recycling water bottles.

Plan of Action

Our goal is to increase recycling rates of used water bottles by providing neighbors, family, friends, and local small businesses with efficient access to recycling in convenient locations. We will do so via education, awareness, and promotion. More importantly, we will demonstrate by example by showing our community how its done. We will get 50 families and/or businesses to commit to partnering with us. Our entire basketball team will visit the participants on Wednesdays and Saturdays according to schedule to pick up the water bottles. For small businesses, we will placed recycle bins at their location and pick-up on Saturdays. We will turn the water bottles in for reward points per unit. The reward points can be redeemed for sporting items and equipment for league play.

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