Bike for Blade

The Problem

The week before Christmas my friend and I received information about one of our favorite teachers. "Mr. Blade won't be back for awhile because he has cancer and his wife just found out she has breast cancer." My friend and I started thinking...what can we do? That is going to cost a lot of money and he is such an amazing teacher. We decided to hold a bike ride for him because he is an avid rider and was actually planning on riding across the United States for the second time last summer, but couldn't because of his cancer. We wanted to have the bike ride as soon as possible so we called in a helpful bunch of teachers and school staff and got the ball rolling on our winter bike ride. Everyone, including Mr. Blade, thought we were crazy to go on a bike ride in January! But Sara and I held onto our faith. We went to a local shirt designer and had shirts made up to sell for $5 (which would all go to the 'Bike for Blade' fund that we had set up). The t-shirt company, Websters, donated 200 shirts! The shirts had Ned Flanders on a bike with 'Bike for Blade' printed on the front along with a bible verse from Isaiah on the back that says, "Don't panic! I am with you. There is no need to fear for I am your God. I'll give you strength, I'll help you. I'll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you." This not only helped Mr. Blade get through his chemo, it helped Sara and I believe in ourselves and to keep the faith even though so many didn't think we could do it. The day came, January 27, 2007 everyone met at school and we rode 16 miles on the local bike trail, with pit stops along the way giving out hot chocolate, granola bars, and water. There were a few icy spots along the way and a few people fell off their bikes (including me...) but the event was a huge success! Back at school (the starting and ending spot) was a huge array of food to eat provided by the elementary and middle schools. We had so much food left it filled up my car and we took it to the breadline in town. I believe we had 100 participants and are looking to have an even bigger turnout this year (because we aren't having it in January). We don't have a total yet for how much money we raised because money just keeps coming in but right now we are alittle over $13,000. We ended up giving the money to Mr. Blade's favorite charity-the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I am so glad we came up with this idea! Sara and I thanked Mr. Blade at the end of the day and he said, "What? Why are you thanking me? All I did was have cancer?"

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