Boo-Boo Buddies

The Problem

The community I am supporting is global. Wherever children are hurting hopefully the comfort kits will let them know that someone cares. These kits will have a "boo-boo" buddy and other items to allow the kids to have something to play with after surgery. These kits will be provided to the Operation Smile organization who will distribute them on their missions overseas. The first mission I supported was to China. With help from my community I was able to send more comfort kits to children in Africa, Costa Rica, Egypt, India and Ethiopia.

Plan of Action

This project helps kids going through surgery for facial deformities, specifically children receiving cleft palate surgery through the Operation Smile organization. I am doing this project for my Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts. I am working with a wonderful representative from Operation Smile who takes the comfort toys to various missions overseas. The comfort kits are given to the kids when they get surgery. They help calm the kids. My community has provided donations of supplies and skills. Since I started this project I have been able to deliver 30 sock puppets to children in China and 90 comfort toys (sock and hand puppets and crocheted toys) to children in Africa and Costa Rica. I have also provided 50 more toys for upcoming missions in Egypt, India and Ethiopia. So far that is 140 toys to comfort children. I hope to deliver 60 more by June 2009. I have been able to make an impact on my community by involving over 135 people (adults, teens and children) who have been willing to donate their time and talents in order to support a greater cause.

Project Updates

So far 140 boo-boo buddies have been delivered. The goal is 60 more by June 2009 for a total of 200.

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