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The Problem

Too many kids these days don't love reading. In my opinion, this happens because they weren't read to as a child. I am trying to give every child the chance to be read to at a young age to develop their love for reading.

Plan of Action

My plan of action is go to local shelters, orphanages, and/or any other centers that have needy kids and hold regular story times for the children who go there. During these story hours I will read to the kids and provide a fun environment for children to love reading. After the story time is over I will give each child a book that they can take home and read on their own or with help from an adult when I am not around. When I come for a return visit the child can switch books for a new one so they don't get tired of reading the same book over.

Project Updates

Epic Book Drive for New Orleans Recovery School District

May 17, 2011

By: Julie Holt

A Book Forever is teaming up with Do Something.org© and Better World Books© for the Epic Book Drive. Together, we are trying to rebuild libraries in the New Orleans Recovery School District. Our pledge is to raise 150 boxes or more. If you would like to donate your gently used or new books to help rebuild school libraries please e-mail us at volunteerinfo@abookforever.com . We will gladly arrange a pick up time to pick up the books. Thank you for supporting us in helping to make education a priority for children!

~ A Book Forever

Off to a Great Start

September 19, 2010

By: Julie Holt

We have hit the ground running. We are pleased to announce that we have gotten some more shelters on board with us and have schedule regular readings with them.

Crisis Ministries has let us read once a week at the Transition Home to the kids who live there. We started off at two kids but it quickly grew and now there are 9 kids. I have lots of fun reading to them and they seem to enjoy all the books.

Dee Norton Children's Center has also let us come and read to their kids. They are a shelter of abused children. There isn't always the same kids there but there are always kids that want to be read to. The kids not only love the books but they also love the toys that the center has. So we read and play games while they are waiting for their appointment.

We are so glad that we could read at these shelters and given out a lot of books. Thanks to Crisis Ministries and Dee Norton Children's Center for letting us read at your facility.

~ A Book Forever

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