Borders To Borders

The Problem

“Relieve those in need: From the borders of our school, community, city, state, nation…to theirs”

Plan of Action

In describing Borders To Borders’s mission, it would be easy to compare the organization to Toms. It is not non-profit, though partial proceeds are sent to different charitable causes. The Borders To Borders Organization will be in conjunction with the Borders To Borders fashion line. I will be starting out with four different working lines or collections. First, ~FIN: “Put an END to suffering”.SIXTY PERCENT of all proceeds will benefit relief for overseas projects and/or devastation from natural disasters. Second, BorderLESS. SIXTY PERCENT of proceeds will be geared toward aiding the homeless in the UNITED STATES. Third, Boarded. SIXTY PERCENT of all proceeds benefit abused and abandoned animals. And finally, BorderED. With this collection FIFTY FIVE PERCENT of all proceeds will aim to help women and children in abused homes.

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