Born to Be Beautiful


The Problem

Born to Be Beautiful is a mentoring program established to help local girls in a small town build self esteem, self confidence and become productive citizens of their communities. Our mission is to help girls grow up to be competent and caring young women, contributing to the betterment of society and stronger communities for all. Research shows that, for youth involved in mentoring o School attendance improves by 52% o First time drug use decreases by 46% o Youth violence decreases by 33 %

Plan of Action

I plan to run this program for as long as time, donations and funding will allow. I plan to continue to recruit women, and local students to be mentors to these girls. I plan to continue to encourage and educate them with all the resources I can. It has been a long road of recruiting volunteers, training them, soliciting donations, encouraging the little ladies to be willing to participate and finding the right timing, it is still being put together but when I see the girls light up one the days we are scheduled to meet, and how excited they are when their mentors are around it makes the long nights of organizing and researching worthwhile.

Project Updates

Several more children have enrolled, we are now actively pursuing a 501c3 status and in the process f recruiting more volunteers for another site

3 more girls have enrolled in our program and tons more are expressing interest!

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