Boulevard of the Allies

Official Project

The Problem

I am trying to solve the problem of racism and discrimination in my school. I believe that my peers in the student body at my school have the potential to make great strides. I think they just need motivation, chances to be heard, and chanced to listen to the views of others. The most vexing problem in racism and discrimination is not that they exist, but rather that most people remain neutral on the issues, or pretend like the do not exist. I hope that through this project, I will increase awareness not simply about the immorality of racism, but also the economic, social, and economic implications of them.

Plan of Action

I hope to establish a network of workshops in which student-lead discussions can take place about the issues of racism, prejudices, and discrimination. Volunteers from my Do Something Club would lead these discussion after receiving training on the procedures for doing so. In creating these workshops, I hope to create a setting where students feel that their opinions and beliefs really matter, that their voices will be heard, and where they can obtain motivation to believe they can make great strides in changing the world they live in.

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