Bowling with the Boyz

The Problem

Life is a little like bowling to some extent. Bowling pins don’t get much respect—their sole purpose is to be viciously knocked down by a heavy sphere. Though most adults do not think about it, but a lot of our kids feel a lot like bowling pins at times. They are being bullied, yelled at, and at times physically abused. Through this activity we hope that it will provide an opportunity for young boyz to meet other young males and to get to know other parents. Furthermore, we hope that this program will cause adults to formulate play groups, support groups, or classes, while also giving the opportunity to form social relationships and supports. Moms are known at nurtures and it’s important for a young man to feel a sense of nurturing from someone who cares about their well being. “Juggling the demands of work, home, and other responsibilities leaves many parents feeling like they do not have nearly enough time with their children.” “Children who lack early emotional attachments or who grow up fearful and expecting to be hurt will have a difficult time relating to peers. As children grow, nurturing by parents and other caregivers remains important for healthy physical and emotional development. “

Plan of Action

This is a chance for Moms, Aunts, Grandmas, Guardians, and Big Sisters to get out with their favorite boys and enjoy a great time bowling while supporting Bounce Back. This program allows our young men to open up to their mom, aunt, grandma, sister, teacher, first lady of the church, or whomever, because whether we know it or not, our young men are, is or will experience some kind of temptation. As adults we have to make our kids comfortable so they can feel free to come and talk with us about these important matters.

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