Bringing Books to Life for Literacy

The Problem

The problem I am trying to solve is literacy in low income communities. The best place to start is with children when they are young and give them the joy of reading.

Plan of Action

I inspired my mother to write/create an entire series of chapter books for elementary aged children called the TOMGIRLZ. The main character, MACKEY, is based on me. Now that I am older (10), I see the impact the books have on children. They are excited when they meet me and love the books. I am proud of my mother for writing the books, but after visiting a school in Coral Springs, FL where I performed an acrobatic dance scene from one of the books, I realized that I can have an even greater influence on sharing the love of reading with lower income children where they don't get so many character and author visits and that I really could make a difference in improving literacy in those communities. I plan to visit children through organizations, libraries, schools, and children's hospitals to improve literacy in a fun and entertaining way. I designed a costume to wear as MACKEY and I will read to the children, perform my acrobatic routine for them (bringing the book TOMGIRLZ TALENT TROUBLES to life), and sign autographs. I will do fund raising and apply for grants to donate books to their organizations and if I raise enough money I would love to put a book in each child's hand to take home. I would also teach them to become leaders by encouraging them to share the book with someone else when they finished to pass the reading on.

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