Brunswick Hardcore

The Problem

Maine used to have a very good local music scene, but over the years the scene started to decline. There used to be amazing concerts every weekend, and even some weeknights. Locals and National Acts would share the stage and it gave local kids something to do with their friends. As the scene started to decline, more kids started getting bored, and getting into trouble.

Plan of Action

My friends and I spent the first couple of months going to shows to scout and establish relations with local bands. We then agreed on a date that would be good for our first show. All of the bands on this bill were local, and would play for free. We hosted it at a local skate park, who agreed to split what we made at the door 50/50. This was our first show to get our funds going. We wanted to be able to pay bands in the future, and possibly explore different venues for shows. We promoted this show for over a month, at school, at retail/music stores and online. This show was very successful, and we had a good solid foundation to set up shows from there. Since then we have put on and promoted many local shows. Three of the bands that got exposed through our shows have since started recording their first EP Demos, or full length CDs, and they've also been invited to open for some national acts.

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