Building Bridges Project

The Problem

Our mission is to provide leadership development training and other types of training opportunities to disadvantaged members of the community, including immigrants and low wage workers; and to relieve and reduce unemployment by providing instruction and training to individuals to improve or develop their capacities for employment.

Plan of Action

The Building Bridges Project is a six week course with classes two days a week, two hours a class, totaling 40 hours. The curriculum covers a variety of topics to ensure work readiness and begins with soft skills. Soft skills cover the culture and environment of the workplace and specifically a construction site. A wide range of fundamental topics are covered, including accountability, following directions, and time management among others. Students are also taught basic Math, English, Budgeting, and Job Safety. All graduating students receive Occupational Safety & Health Association 10 hour training and receive certification. The students also volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, a non profit organization that builds houses for those who are economically distressed. The Project also includes a mentorship program that monitors and tracks all students to ensure that support is provided and success is achieved. This program gives individuals in low income and diverse communities the skills to start their career in the construction industry. It is also an opportunity for these individuals to give back to their community, become self sufficient, and successful. The purpose of this program is to not to only train and help place individuals into the construction industry but to also help develop active and self sufficient community members in distressed areas. One the individuals have completed the program, we have been assisting them in applying to the Building Trades. Student have already been placed.

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