Bullied Anonymous: Protect the Peace Project

The Problem

Bullying has dominated social life in a school environment for decades, shown as this bad thing that needs to be stopped. Though this has been expressed, bullying in a school environment still exists, even in the simplest ways, making the bullied feel hopeless, the kids who want to help feel afraid for standing up out of force of habit, and leaving the kids in between oblivious to the fact that this is still an unresolved problem.

Plan of Action

Though it is an extremely hard cycle to break, I want to prevent bullying from continuing at my school. I want to gather students and open their eyes by showing them that the simplest things we say to people, behind or in front of their backs, physical or cyber, are forms of bullying. My hope is that as an entire student body, we will be able to regulate violence at the school, where if we hear or see bullying occurring, we will all be able to know that it is our moral obligation as human beings to say something and stop the bullying from continuing and protect the peace at Palisades Charter High School.

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