Burn Basics

The Problem

Burn Basics was a project I created for our high school Key Club. Our club needed a year-long project that would get the community and our entire club envolved. As President, I contacted the People's Burn Foundation of Indiana and asked them what they needed for their Extinguish the Need facility, where families who have suffered house fires can go to get things to start their lives over. PBF said they needed the basic necessities: toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, deodorant, razors, the items people don't think about donating. So after writing and receiving a $200 grant from United Way Youth as Resources, we kicked off our project. We are holding montly collection drives at local Simon Malls as well as collecting items at each elementary and middle school in our township to get the community involved and bring donations or make monitary donations. Our first weekend was January 19th and 20th and it was a great success! We collected hundreds of items as well as over $1000 dollars! Our township fire department came out to help us collect and we had a great time trying to promote fire safety and helping our neighbors who have lost everything in house fires.

Plan of Action

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