Calpulli Tlapalcalli

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Calpulli Tlapalcalli (the community from, “Casa de colores”) is dedicated to preserving the ancestral culture and traditions of Indigenous Mexicans in the southwest.  For at least 13 years, we have brought Youth and elders together from across the continent in order to share experiences and maintain ceremonial ties with one another.   Calpulli Tlapalcalli is based in the Rio Grande Valley of southeastern Texas.  A very tight knit community, when members moved to Tucson Arizona, & Albuquerque, NM the community grew and continues to grow.  Calpulli Tlapalcalli supports Esperanza Unida, a youth component, which empowers Indigenous youth to organize in defense of their communities. Esperanza Unida works with youth to develop educational programming, address issues of environmental injustice, and monitor the actions of Border Patrol agents.  Calpulli Tlapalcalli's headquearters are located in San Benito, Texas and is home to seven organic gardens that allow the production of all natural health & bath products.  Productos Mayahuel includes herbal health supplements such as tinksures, jarabes, salves, pomadas, etc. We also have Bee Loved Products, which includes soaps, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body creams, etc.  Productos Mayahuel and Bee Loved Products are Calpulli Tlapalcalli’s answer to self sufficiency. We are able to produce organically grown native plants and herbs and provide them to others outside of our community for the cost of maintaining our gardens and ceremonial spaces.  We create movement & build consciousness across states, & beyond borders to bring young people their culture and tradition through the ceremonial calendar that we maintain.  We focus on creating positive community movement through celebrating the culture and traditions of our ancestors.  We use this strength to empower young people to organize in defense of our communities along the Rio Grande/ Rio bravo border regions. We have chapters in Central Mexico, Tucson, AZ, & Albuquerque,NM.      

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