Camp Good News

The Problem

The community that I am helping is in a city near Asheville, NC. There are a lot of kids here who have home lives that are below average and some of them don't realize that there are people who care about them.

Plan of Action

It took a lot to build the project and keep it running. The camp operates almost the whole summer at no cost to the campers and its finances are run solely off donations. The camp directors live at the camp and devote a large amount of their time to it. Then they have to get volunteers to work at the camp as counselors. The counselors stay for a week or a few weeks and have to care for the kids and make sure they are safe. I think I have made a difference by showing the kids that there are people who care enough about them to give up a few days of their summer to be with them and to listen to them and to care about them.

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