Caring Bags for the Homeless


The Problem

The homeless struggle to survive everyday and many of their needs go unmet. They are in a situation where they don't have the luxuries that we take for-granted including personal care items like soap, a washcloth and a toothbrush. Items in the Caring Bags include: hygiene items, warm socks, scarf, snacks and a card saying “I Care About You”. The Caring Bags give the homeless back a sense of dignity and pride and a sense of community, by letting them know someone cares about them. The hygiene items allow the homeless to feel good about themselves and socks, scarf and other items brings warmth to their body. The Caring Bags touch the hearts of the receivers and those hearts who gave of their time and/or donations. Its one small way we can reach out and make a big difference.

Plan of Action

I want to provide Caring Bags to all the homeless not only in my community but to get others involved in making caring bags for their communities. I’m the founder of a nonprofit organization Kids For A Better World and our mission is to encourage the empowerment of youth to make a difference by responding to the needs of individuals, children and families. My goal is to get youth involved in making Caring Bags all year long and to spread the Concept of Caring Bags into other states and across global communities. The items in the Caring Bags will only last for a while and so I want to provide the homeless with personal care products year long. My goal is to make 1,000 Caring Bags to distribute to the homeless at least four times throughout the year, with one of those distributions to be in the global community. Caring Bags have benefited thousands of individuals, children and families. Through donations, craft sales and garage sales, over 15,000 Bags have been distributed. This program now in place, is in great demand. More and more organizations are contacting us and requesting our Caring Bags. To advance the cause, we offer support to individual youth, schools, youth groups and organizations through service learning activities around the collection, making and distribution of the Caring Bags.

Project Updates

Since the start of Disney's Give A Day Get A Day Program which Kids For A Better World is a partnering organization, over 1300 volunteers have put in more than 7,800 hours making the Caring Cards that go inside each Caring Bag for the Homeless.

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