Casey's Mission

The Problem

Casey's Mission is my goal to help people around the world suffering from hunger and malnutrition and raise awareness on the issue. It will start out by myself personally going over seas to different countries for an entire year to help with this cause. I will take donations and use 100% of it to help needy people with no personal gain being achieved by anybody other than the less fortunate. Since this is guaranteed, the organization will be completely transparent providing bank statements, pictures, videos, and social media postings. Like I said above, I am not looking to gain anything financially but am looking to inspire others to follow in my footsteps and do something great in their life for others. I strongly believe that our purpose on Earth is not work and pay the bills until we die but constantly try and benefit someone else's life without asking/expecting/hoping for anything at all in return. While I am trying to become legal and get this project established I also have been working with and mentoring kids K-12. My goal with this is to talk to as many kids as I can about the importance of staying off drugs, making good grades, not making fun of their peers, and what all this will mean for them later on in life. I am working by myself but firmly believe great things can be achieved one person at a time.

Plan of Action

I have already contacted the school board and have been talking with them about not just talking to kids in my county but in the state of Indiana and hopefully after start on Kentucky. As far as my hunger mission goes I am working with organizations, one in particular Yankee Candles were I am raising money for the expenses of getting a 501cw, passport, and gas for my trips to all the schools.

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