Challenged Conquistadors, Inc.

The Problem

We are working to reduce the number one challenge or disability among children in the USA: cognitive challenges or traumatic brain injuries. One happens every 18.5 seconds & some can cost like mine has over the last 35 years, over $3 million dollars.

Plan of Action

We do personal demonstration projects (As survivors, we activate, demonstrate, educate, initiate, motivate, stimulate, & validate that some cognitive challenges may be conquered.) all over our community: Arkansas Children's Hospital Dr. Mary Atiken, MD, (501)364-3300; schools Mr. Watson (870)864=5006; colleges UCA Dr. R. Logan, Ph.D., (501)450-5487 or Dr. Rankin, Ph.D., ((870)235-4558; boys & girls club Mrs. Jamison (870)863-8753; head starts Mrs. Freeman-Smith (870)862-4545; Wal Mart Tina (870)836-8000 or Big Mike (870)234-7800 or Lee/Keith (870)862-2128, etc. Since I was 12 when the coma occurred, because I was not wearing a helmet, I can tell the children of the lifetime effects of cognitive challenges & parents. Ths challenge in 1977, has resulted in another 40 cognitive challenges. The goal of our program; reduce healthcare expenses & enhance quality of life, forever, while promoting that the individual/self may recover. We are aiming to reduce cognitive challenges to one every 40 seconds, instead of 18.5 seconds, in five years. We work to get more survivors in their community doing the same. The more visibility we get, this should enhance our employment numbers, working together.

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