The Problem

In Milledgeville Georgia, there is an afterschool program that targets thirty-five youth who are considered 'at risk' for engaging in risky behavior. Organized by GCSU, a program called High Achievers is a Carrera Model afterschool program whose main goal is to curve teen pregnancy. The program is a unique, highly-structured youth development program that see these 'at risk' students as 'at promise' instead. It is designed to help promising young people reach their full potential and avoid the pitfalls of pregnancy, especially teen pregnancy. The program incorporates education, job club, creative self-expression, lifetime individual sports, family life and sex education, medical and dental assistance and mental health assistance. To enrich what High Achievers provides the youth with, CHANGE ( Community, Health, Awareness, Nutrition, Growth, Education) will bring together thre students for a six week program in which they will learn about the pitfalls of an unhealthy lifestyle. The sixth week, the students will hold a community wide Do Something Good for You Walk-A-Thon.

Plan of Action

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